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5Pcs 12V24V36V48V 8-70V LCD Acid Lead Lithium Battery Capacity Indicator Digital Voltmeter

$ 28.38

Meter shows the power interface, tap switch, switch to voltage interface, click the switch, turn off the meter 3 V / 0 Select your battery type after corresponding, for example 3 series lithium battery, you need to enter the selection screen, press the key point to L3 interface, then off, reenergized, choose success, such as the need to set 12 V leadacid batteries, the key point press to P12 V interface, power, reenergized, both choose success 3...

KINBAT JB-858G One Hour Quick Charge 4 Slot AA AAA Rechargeable Battery Charger

$ 16.41

Package Included : 1 x KINBAT JB858 G Fast Battery Charger When finish charging, please disconnect the power Note : Please do not disassemble, in case of electric shock Features : Smart Turn Light Four slots independent charging Fast life, improve the quality of life Range of application : AA / AAA NiCd NiMH Rechargeable Batteries Input voltage : AC 100240 V 50 / 60 Hz 5 W Charging current : 2000m A(AA) x 1 1000m A(AA) x 2 500m A(AA) x 4 1100m A(AAA) x 1500m A(AAA) x 2225m A(AAA) x 4...

Digital LED Projection Alarm Clock With Voice Temperature FC Switching

$ 13.02

5 kinds of music alarms, builtin loudspeakers, the sound is clear and the volume of the right size With blue or green backlight Function : LCD time display Alarm and 10 minute snooze function Talking : repeat current time Blue backlight CHIME 1 : Every hour, CHIME 2, only from 7, 00am to 9am Multi alarm sounds Projection show time Specifications : Material : Plastic Color : Black and white (Optional) Size : Approx...

Ruibo Dual Digital LCD Quick Charger For LP-E6 LP-E6N For Canon EOS 80D 70D 60D 6D 7D

$ 41.87

6 V / 16 Features : A smart charger which can solve the problem of high capacity battery long time charging LCD screen displays actual voltage of the battery and charging percentage of battery capacity Saving more time than digital travel charger For different type batteries, only change the battery slot Brand : RUIBO Input Voltage : AC 100 V240 V 50 / 60 Hz, DC 1224 V 3000m A(max) Output Voltage : DC 8...