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Wesfil WACF0172 Cabin Air Filter by Wesfil

Wesfil WACF0172 Cabin Air Filter by Wesfil

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Integrated into the HVAC - that's Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning - system of modern cars, SUVs, 4 WDs, trucks, vans and utes, cabin air filters work by filtering the air the occupants of a vehicle breathe. With a range of cabin air filters to suit your vehicle, Wesfil products meet or exceed OE (Original Equipment) standards, ensuring your HVAC system operates at maximum efficiency and ensuring you breathe easy. Wesfil are key proponents of quality cabin air filtration and know the importance of keeping a car's HVAC system free of airborne pollutants, be they as large as leaf debris all the way down to microscopic dust particles and allergens such as pollen. Airborne contaminants from pollen and dust particles to dirt, smoke and fumes are unwelcome passengers in the cabins of cars today, and that's why the cabin air filter was invented. .

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