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Anno Create a New World Game Wii

Anno Create a New World Game Wii

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He becomes friends with the locals and they teach him new technologies and secrets to take back to his Father's kingdom. Whereas Edward suggests fighting to collect the precious resources, his brother, William offers a peaceful solution proposing to explore new and unsettled lands in the south of the Kingdom. King Georges' land is suffering from drought and famine. . . Year 1404. With the agreement of his Father, William heads to the South and discovers the mysterious oriental culture. She wants to attack King George's empire but not all the needs are met yet, and the men are sent out with new tasks to find more resources. Aware of the distress of his fellows, King George decides to send his two sons, William and Edward, to gain new territories to produce enough goods to satisfy the inhabitants. Everything seems to come to a good end, but suddenly the Sultan is kidnapped and his aggressive sister is taking over the orient. .

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